April 3, 2010

Show and Tell

On April 2nd we had the First Annual Show and Tell.

Macy, Whitney, Brian, and David talked about winning 2nd place at the woodlands contest. They will be going on to state.

Patrick was Patrick Henry. He showed us his animal pelt, flint and coon skin hat.

Show and Tell

Macy showed us her autographed cd collection.

Gracie talked about the quilt squares that she is
working on in 4-H.

Emily talked about getting her drawing published in Clubhouse Magazine.

Show and Tell

Christina made a hot air balloon/kite. After a couple of attempts, the wind won and she will try another day.


Hi Everyone !!
Now that all the formalities are done, welcome to our new blog. I can't believe I actually did this!!!! We're all excited about having a blog. We will be posting all the fun things that we do throughout the year. I even figured out how to upload pictures hehehehe. (I'm so proud of myself. This is really out of my comfort zone). We also want this blog to be a place where our children can share their accomplishments. So if you have pictures or anything to share please e-mail them to orheart@gmail.com
In the future(after I work out all the bugs and fully understand this thing) we will be inviting the teens to be "guest bloggers". More info on that will be given at Park Day.
So sit back, enjoy and come back often to see what's been "blogged".

JoAnn :)


Hi and welcome to HEART Home School Support Group. HEART stands for Home Educated and Righteously Trained.
If you are considering home schooling, planning to begin home schooling, or you've been home schooling and you're looking for a support group, you're in the right place. The members and officers of HEART want to offer you an invitation to come and check out our group and become a member. Support groups are important to home schoolers, especially new home schoolers. It helps to know there are many others like you. It is of great benefit to talk to veteran home school moms and dads who can answer your questions. It's good to have the support of other like-minded families.
HEART offers a number of activities that you and your children can participate in. We meet on the first Friday of the month for Park Day. At Park Day we start with a short planning meeting where we plan activities, field trips, special speakers. After the meeting we have our activities and special speaker that was planned the month before. Some of the activities we have planned have been Chess Club, bike rides, science activities (including special speakers like a marine biologist, mycologist(mushroom scientist), wildlife rehabilitator, forestry, soil conservationist, show and tell, really too many to list. We've organized many field trips including trips to area museums, Lutcher Theater, Shangri La Botanical Gardens, and Village Creek. We even have activities for the teens. They have their own bike rides, field trips to universities, Teen Night, and we help you with PSAT and ACT testing.
We also have several banquets throughout the year so families can fellowship and have a great meal together.
So if this sounds like something you're looking for, come by and visit. For times and directions please e-mail JoAnn Abel-Secretary/Treasurer at orheart@gmail.com
Please come back often and visit our blog. We will be posting activities and pictures.
Thank You.
JoAnn Abel